Create a powerful work surface rich with character.

The digital world attempts to go wireless, yet we often find ourselves scanning a room for an outlet.  Even as wireless charging technology continues to evolve there is no end in sight for the multitude of devices, we must plug in.  We have a solution that offers tremendous access to power while maintaining the rich character of reclaimed wood.  We have a few tips for designing more effective worksurfaces

Reclaimed wood furniture is always versatile, it can serve both formal and informal meetings.

Building the perfect conference table, desk or meeting surface starts with selecting a species and finish that meets your needs.  We offer a variety of reclaimed hardwoods and even softer woods like Douglas fir or pine. Any of our materials will work wonderfully, but it is your personal choice as to how you want your surface finished. When you connect with us, we will guide you through this process.

Be it a conference table, front of house counter or even your personal desk; empower yourself and others to get the most out of meetings.  Great style and sound design boost the energy around your meeting surface.  Our team is ready to custom design your surface with power and cable management in mind.

Anytime you connect around a surface you need to consider the needs of those you are meeting with. Many times, this includes calming people’s nerves and getting them plugged in.

 Consider layout and equipment when designing your custom work surface.  Projectors, laptops, screen sharing, video conferencing.  Get everyone plugged in.

This white oak surface with a reverse knife edge hosts two pop up power stations and a dedicated center port for power and cable management. 

 Our increasingly digital world requires power.  Strengthen corporate image and workplace culture by incorporating the character and beauty of our reclaimed wood while keeping connected.   When you, your team and clients come together around a table to connect; you will be doing so around a surface with a story of its own.  That character and integrity offered by reclaimed lumber paired with your custom needs makes for a powerful piece of furniture.