Urban Wood Goods Shipment & Delivery Policy

Shipment and Delivery. All Orders must be paid in full, including shipping, handling, packing, storage, taxes and service charges, prior to any release for shipment to Buyer. Unless expressly agreed to by the parties in writing, Urban Wood Goods shall select the method of shipment of, and the carrier for, the Goods. Urban Wood Goods may, in its sole discretion, without liability or penalty, make partial shipments of Goods to Buyer. Partially filled Orders will be invoiced and available for shipping, delivery, installation or storage as though the Order were fully completed. Shipment and delivery options are based on the size of the Goods and the size of the Order (as set forth in more detail below). Please note that if free shipping is offered, delivery will only include curbside drop-off. If Buyer requires additional delivery services, Buyer will be responsible for all additional costs associated with such services.

(a) UPS Shipments.

Some small Orders (i.e. a single item that is 48" or less in length and less than 32" in width) and most single item Orders (i.e. benches up to 84", console tables up to 84", stools, small tables and small desks) will likely ship via UPS across the United States in one (1) to four (4) business days with no signature required. Please be aware that Orders only ship on business days; we do not offer weekend or holiday delivery without additional arrangements set up in advance and additional charges.

(b) Large & Over-sized Furniture.

Please reference [UWG: freight delivery policy] prior to placing an Order for large Goods. Larger items (< 65" in length) such as tables and desks and multiple pieces often ship via a freight carrier selected by Urban Wood Goods, based on rates and carrier availability. For a residence or small business, standard freight carrier delivery will drop the crate off curbside. For a commercial business locations, standard freight carrier delivery will drop the crate off on a loading dock. Residential Buyers will receive a call a day or so prior to anticipated delivery to set up a delivery appointment. If the delivery location is a business address, Buyer may not receive a phone call in advance to set up an appointment. For the smoothest delivery experience, it is recommended that you arrange to have additional labor or friends on site to assist with delivery. If you require additional delivery services to move the Order into a space or to have crate debris removed, Buyer acknowledges that you will incur and be responsible for any additional charges for such services. Urban Wood Goods will contact Buyer within three (3) days of placing an Order for large and/or oversized delivery that requires delivery to a location outside of its standard delivery zone. If Buyer chooses not to accept additional charges for such deliver, Buyer may cancel the Order.

(c) Sizing and Delivery Logistics; White Glove Delivery.

Please be advised that all Goods are oversized (i.e. 7' and above). For example, conference tables over 48" wide may be challenging to move through doorways. This means that the Goods may not fit into your elevator, stairwell, hallway or desired space. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that an Order can be delivered to your location and moved into its final space. Upon reasonable request, Urban Wood Goods may be able to build certain Goods in pieces to facilitate delivery. Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything in these Terms to the contrary, Urban Wood Goods assumes no responsibility, liability or loss related to logistical delivery or placement issues. Urban Wood Goods will not supply the labor to move Buyer's furniture up to an apartment, home or business unless Buyer has paid in advance for this service. If Buyer is a business, please be certain Buyer has adequate assistance for moving the furniture into its final space. White glove delivery is available if Buyer must have it but Buyer must contact us to set this up and pay the additional charges which is typically several hundred dollars up to thousands or more for this service. A formal price quote is required in advance at the time of purchase, not when the furniture is already on site. Please contact us at info@urbanwoodgoods.com for more information on the shipment options for an Order.

(d) Late Delivery.

Any time quoted by Urban Wood Goods for delivery is an estimate only. Urban Wood Goods is not liable for or in respect of any loss or damage arising from any delay in filling any Order, failure to deliver or delay in delivery. No delay in the shipment or delivery of any Goods relieves Buyer of its obligations under these Terms, including without limitation payment for the Goods.