The philosophy that fuels business

At Urban Wood Goods, we recognize that both the greatest challenge & reward in the process of building furniture with reclaimed wood, is actually the “unbuilding” of it, in its prior life. Deconstruction is considered "unbuilding." It involves taking a building apart piece by piece, essentially reversing the order of its construction. It’s much more difficult than the alternative, which is demolition. Demolition typically results in most of the building materials going into a landfil. Approximately 30 million tons of wood waste from demolition ends up in a landfill each year.

Our Sustainability Mission Statement

Urban Wood Goods is a Green furniture company focused on sustainability practices . Sustainability is the driving force that guides all aspects of our business including lumber sourcing, design, efficiencies in our manufacturing, and innovation.

At Urban Wood Goods, using efficient sustainability practices in how we manufacture, is as important as the products we create. By supporting reclaiming and reusing, you are helping us save this character filled antique wood and take another step towards preventing deforestation. We do this to protect and restore our environment, create economic value, and support and strengthen our community by inspiring others.

More About UWG

Buy Reclaimed?

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  • Unsurpassed Beauty & Character We exclusively use reclaimed lumber, transformed by the natural aging process. Originally harvested in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, our lumber is sourced from barns and old structures across the Midwest.

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  • Connection to the Past. With its unique character and feel, old-growth reclaimed wood reflects a storied past. Its history gives us evidence of another purpose and life that we can only imagine - and now reimagined as furniture

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  • Higher Density + Harder + Stronger = Higher Quality. The rings are closer together in old-growth lumber because trees grew slower in the denser forests where they had to fight for sunlight and water.

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  • It's the Right Thing to Do. Re-using the lumber from old homes & buildings keeps this valuable commodity in circulation rather than it ending up in landfills or burn piles.

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