Our company story began long before we did.
At least 100 years ago, in fact.

At the heart of Urban Wood Goods is our passion for and thoughtful preservation of salvaged, old-growth woods to handcraft creative, modern furnishings that connect us to another time—to a larger story.

Now beginning our second decade, what still excites us most is discovering and bringing forward rare and honest materials from the past to elevate your present moments. Our dedication to skilled, kind craftsmanship assures your acquisition will gather new experiences, conversations and memories that will enrich your future.

Urban Wood Goods is a woman-owned business that began 10 years ago as a passion project for Erin True, a Detroit elementary school art teacher. Having just moved to Chicago, she was in search of both a teaching job and a bench for her new home. With time on her hands and a magazine article on DIY furniture on her mind, she made a field trip out to a barn in Huntley IL in search of salvaged wood. The creative artist in her felt an instant connection with the beauty of its past knots, marks, cracks and grain—and yes, the wood spoke to her, luring her into building the bench.

Thinking others might feel a similar connection to the beauty of reclaimed wood, she posted the bench for sale on Etsy, just as a lark. Before she knew it, she was driving six hours to Detroit making her first delivery to its new owner. The orders kept coming in, and soon Erin had a successful Etsy business that grew into a company—Urban Wood Goods— specializing in the custom design and artisan craftsmanship of reclaimed wood furnishings.

Today, Erin is still seduced by the thrill of the hunt, salvaging rare, old-growth woods from homes, theaters, barns and structures being deconstructed in the Midwest. Erin leads daily operations and creative direction for Urban Wood Goods’ talented family of 20 designers, craftsmen and customer advocates, all from a workshop in Gurnee, IL, just outside of Chicago.

The Urban Loft Bench remains a classic, reminding us daily to always follow our passion and that even the best of teachers is always learning.

We’re all about U.

What separates us as reclaimed wood furniture makers is not only a passionate dedication to unique, quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, but a remarkable advocacy for our clients, both commercial and residential.

Successfully acquiring customized reclaimed furniture online demands responsive, detail-oriented customer service. Our team takes each inquiry, order and delivery personally, going above and beyond to listen, inform and collaborate so that expectations are not only met, they are surpassed. After all, Urban Wood Goods is about connecting with others, be that around a conference table, a dining table or specifying and fulfilling your order.