About UrbanWoodGoods - UWG

Urban Wood Goods is a woman-owned (certified WBE, WOSB), family-operated, high-quality mid-priced furniture manufacturer recognized for a creating some of the most beautiful reclaimed wood furniture products that are all made in the USA. Since 2011, Urban Wood Goods has grown to offer a wide selection of furniture products including conference tables, desks, dining tables, shelving ,occasional tables and seating, all made of century-old, antique, reclaimed lumber. We offer a unique selection of rich finishes, design options, and functional solutions fitting the demands of today's commercial office, retail, restaurant, institutional, hospitality and residential environments.

Built to Order

At Urban Wood Goods, we proudly manufacture all of our products in the mid-western USA. We use a "built to order" customized manufacturing concept that we have fine tuned for efficiency and quality of our product line offerings. Built-to-Order means that we manufacture our reclaimed wood furniture specifically to a customer order, instead of pulling pre-built furniture from a warehouse. This manufacturing style allows us the flexibility to modify product to suit a customer's needs and provides us with the ability to ensure quality and timeliness of our customer's orders. Lead times may vary by project but are typically 4-5 weeks in production.