Reclaimed Wood Furniture Promotes Sustainability

With the global environmental consequences of deforestation, more and more people are thinking about buying furniture made from reclaimed timber. Reclaimed furniture is aesthetically very appealing, and its popularity has grown rapidly as eco-conscious customers have invested in sustainability.  Urban Wood Goods has grown to offer a wide selection of furniture products to meet the needs of our savvy customers’ needs.  

We recently shared an article to our facebook page about China's rapid deforestation of rainforest in Africa.   It can be difficult to understand why we are continuing to cause such harm to our delicate planet.  While this article was alarming, it also served to energize us.  We are working against this trend for cheap, disposable furniture by building with reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood furniture is produced with wood salvaged from old structures such as old homes & barns, and warehouses. With the important ecological and environmental benefits, reclaimed wood furniture is durable, and can add unique look to any home or office.  Our reclaimed lumber products are rooted in sustainability.

The use of reclaimed wood can have extra environmental advantages outside the preservation of virgin trees. We often use non-toxic glues and paints and all-natural oil finishes. The main objective is to produce a beautiful, high quality product while impacting the environment as plainly as possible.

What doesn't deserve a second chance? Buying reclaimed wooden furniture is bound to give you a warm healthy glow inside, and that's not just when you look at it adorning your home with its aged beauty. By buying wood you are buying into something that is as old and timeless as the planet; the principle of recycling. Humans have always found new uses for old and unused things. Only in this disposable age have we moved further from this ethos, but recycling can help us to see how the past can contribute to the future. By buying reclaimed wood we harm the planet as little as possible in our wooden furniture purchase and we teach our children and ourselves that everything doesn't need to be new and shiny. Sometimes it's the old things that really are the best.

Reclaimed lumber was cut down from trees of the past which grew when external factors like pollution and toxicity didn't affect the strength of the wood. Hence, reclaimed wood is very strong.

Anyone with an appreciation for nostalgia, a vision for stylish detail, and a desire to protect our natural resources would be wise to consider purchasing reclaimed wood furniture. 

Our furniture consists of 100% reclaimed wood. We take pride in using materials sourced from trees cut over 100 years ago. Our team works hard to breathe new life into this beautiful reclaimed wood. You can rest assured, your decision to purchase our furniture has had a net positive result on the environment.