reclaimed wood shelves in a kitchen

Each year, Houzz publishes its annual home design trends online. We scanned the 32 popular trends to find all those pertaining to our favorite material...You guessed it....Wood!! 

Our favorite and most relevant to what Urban Wood Goods does is #3 on the list. "Wood on wood (on wood)." 

Houzz highlights that many of the most popular kitchens in 2018 featured a whole lot of wood. Wood is being used though not only for the cabinets but for floating shelves, island tops, and countertops, cladding on walls and ceilings,and in furniture such as custom wood dining tables like Urban Wood Goods creates. Wood warms a space up and it pairs perfectly with whites & grays, two of the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets and walls.  Maybe a full kitchen renovation isn't in the budget for 2019, but there are other ways to update and warm up your space while adding the character that only real authentically aged wood can add. A reclaimed wood table is perfect. We sell them in all shapes, sizes, finishes and leg styles. Whether your space seems to call for a reclaimed wood round dining table or a rectangular square reclaimed wood dining table, we have you covered.

Additionally, Houzz points out that they are seeing an increase in interest for more medium-tone woods rather than super light or super dark ones. The farmhouse style which has been gaining popularity in homes for the last 3 years aligns perfectly with the charm and character that wood provides. To reference our own wood stains and finishes, we would suggest our antique, bourbon, oil or clear finishes for a nice medium tone look. 

#15 on the list was "Natural Wood Vanities"

The concept here is that often bathrooms can look and feel cold with a combination of glass, metal and tile. A wood vanity can help bring an element of warmth to the space.  And while wooden vanities aren’t new, there has been a trend towards more natural looking vanities that celebrate the character in grain patterns and the knots versus hiding them with a dark stain or lacquer. The current trend is leaning toward reclaimed wood or light wood with clear stains. While we don't typically make reclaimed wood vanities, we have worked with designers and clients who have contracted us to build console type tables that have sink basins added to the top.

#24 on the list was "Custom wood wall treatments"

Many designers are creating custom wood feature walls as a way to add texture and warmth to the room. There are so many variations you can create with various wood flooring materials, wood strips, and wood cladding in patterns such as diagonal, horizontal, vertical, herringbone and more. One Houzz designer says,
“Having a custom wall or walls in any home easily gives it a higher-end feel.” While Urban Wood Goods doesn't sell reclaimed wood cladding generally on the our website, we have taken on several commercial projects where it was utilized.