Urban Wood Goods for our future generations

With every purchase from us, you will be giving back!

At Urban Wood Goods, we care about giving back and we know you do too!

We are proud to donate 1% of our online sales to the Rainforest Action Network, a global non profit that takes action against the companies and industries driving deforestation and climate change. We are committed to working together for a healthy planet for our future generations.

1% For The Earth.

We are committed to donating one percent of our online sales to the Rainforest Action Network that is fighting companies driving deforestation and climate change.

Now, is the time to act. 

By making this commitment to donate a percentage of our online sales, we are taking an essential step toward greater environmental responsibility. Now, with every purchase from UrbanWoodGoods.com, we will be consistently contributing toward a healthier Earth — together.

Making a difference.

To date, RAN has given $1.5 million to 250 “front-line communities,” indigenous groups, and activist allies since its founding. We believe in giving to nonprofits like the Rainforest Action Network, on the frontlines of environmental issues. 

Moving forward.

Since our founding in 2010, Urban Wood Goods has always been passionate about making a better world for our kids. Now, — together with you — we can make a real difference.

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