Urban Wood Goods Holiday Giveaway

The holidays are a great time to think about those in need. We might think about giving a blanket to the homeless woman on the corner, inviting someone who is lonely to a holiday dinner or making a sizeable donation to our favorite charity.

We are proud to announce the Urban Wood Goods Holiday Giveaway! This season, we will be giving a dining room table to a family or organization in need.

We are asking you to help out by filling out our nomination form. In filling out the form, you will need to nominate someone you feel can benefit from the use of the table. You must let us know why you have chosen that person and you must supply their contact information so we can contact them if they end up being selected as the recipient.

We feel that by giving someone in need the dining room table, we are giving them so much more than just a table.

All of our furnishings are made with reclaimed wood. The use of reclaimed wood decreases the demand for virgin wood from forests. It helps preserve the environment rather than deplete it. When harvested properly, it is also a renewable resource that reduces landfill waste.  

But more than that, reclaimed wood tells a story. It is a piece of history that encompasses the characteristics of its past whether it was once a part of an old bridge, a barn or a park bench. Its distinctive features are evident in every grain, every character mark and the rich patina it bears.

Older woods are stronger and more durable than the woods used nowadays. As wood matures, it grows stronger as its fibers become denser. Today, old growth forests are protected, and these durable woods are no longer available making reclaimed woods a sturdy alternative.

At Urban Wood Goods, we take the rich history, high quality and sustainability reclaimed wood provides and customize it into a unique product that we hope becomes more than just another home good but something that brings meaning to every household.

This year, we feel a dining room table will make the perfect Christmas gift for a family or organization in need. We hope it will provide the ideal setting for holiday cheer and that the recipient is able to incorporate the table into their home or office and begin making their own memories.

This holiday season, we hope you will enjoy the gift of giving by taking the time to fill out our form to help someone in need. We look forward to seeing the table go to a family or organization who is deserving of this wonderful gift.