The positive environmental impact of using reclaimed materials is staggering. During a recent correspondence with a group of reuse industry collogues some shocking numbers were shared. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regularly reports on waste in the US.  They shared; Demolition represents more than 90 percent of total C&D debris generation, while construction represents less than 10 percent. (EPA Aug 22, 2018) This statistic highlights the importance of the work we are doing creating markets for these great materials! 

We source 90 percent of our wood materials from deconstruction and demolition projects.  Reclaimed old growth douglas fir floor joists make beautiful tables.  We have a market for this material and it intern encourages more deconstruction. Urban Wood Goods is proud to be a part of the solution. 

Another idea presented that hits close to home compared the weight of a typical 2,000 square foot home to that of what a typical person creates in waste in a lifetime.  In conclusion, encouraging deconstruction and reuse makes a significant dent in the waste stream.  We are proud to create products that drive demand for more decostruction.

There are many ways to stake your claim of sustainably.  It just so happened that ours also lined up with a desire for quality materials loaded with character.  Seems we may have that in common with you.  Enjoy shopping our line of sustainable furniture.  You now have another good excuse to splurge.