No such thing as a self-driving woodshop; built to order, handmade, custom work is what drives Urban Wood Goods.


We run a large woodshop that produces custom orders every day.  Our team is always exploring ways to make things run a little smoother around the shop.  The thought of automation can be enticing, but it is completely unrealistic in serving our customers.  Each member of the Urban Wood Goods team plays a specific role in ensuring your order is perfect. 

Our customers have the freedom to choose what they want. Built-to-Order means that we manufacture our reclaimed wood furniture specifically to a customer order, instead of pulling pre-built furniture from a warehouse. This manufacturing style allows us the flexibility to modify product to suit a customer's needs and provides us with the ability to ensure quality and timeliness of our customer's orders. First you select one of our premium kiln dried reclaimed woods.  Next, you choose a size, thickness, and finish.  Then you have the option to further customize your piece if desired.  

 Once your order is placed it is handed over to our shop manager Andrew and the work begins. Andrew confirms all the details of your order and pulls in the team to get production in motion.  Our process is start-to-finish and it involves a team of many skilled hands making sure its perfect.  We only pack and ship after we have meticulously reviewed your order and ensured all requirements are met.

No matter what you are interested in creating; if you want a quality product made from premium reclaimed materials, we are happy to help you. 

Email us or call 855-966-3466 to find out more about how we can create the custom furniture that's perfect for your space. Commercial and residential project inquiries welcomed. Discounts available to the trade.