Falling in love with cool finds at an estate sale

When you can’t be outside on rainy spring days and you know the weekend sales have started...estate sales, garage sales, etc., I do a quick scan to see where I want to start my missions and off I go.

There are certain items that many people believe you should never pass up at a sale as there is absolutely no reason to buy these items new. Some items include frames, mirrors, and vases. There are literally several at every sale you stop at.  If I were to go into a big box store to buy one of these pieces new, chances are it would be made with less durable materials and perhaps have poor workmanship from mass production.

Here at Urban Wood Goods, all of our reclaimed wood furniture, be it reclaimed wood tables, benches or stools show originality and of course attention to detail. We take pride in our refurbished dining tables and when we gather around them for a meal or a game of cards we want you to feel the same way.   

Something interesting regarding the topic that we stumbled across online:

A survey of 2,000 people by LoveAntiques.com, an online marketplace selling antiques, found that 62 percent of people do not think about sustainability and the impact that buying their new furniture may have on the environment.  Although many do not think about buying environmentally-friendly furniture, 67 percent of people would like to buy their furniture from a sustainable source, and 60 percent of people believe buying antiques is a good way to repurpose and recycle furniture or other household items