It's always exciting to see our reclaimed wood furniture in its new home. It's especially cool when you really love your client's design choices, space, and approach to business. Last Tuesday afternoon we had the opportunity to not only tour a client's space, Exchange 312, but also work at a reclaimed wood conference table we built for them. Exchange 312 is an event space that was built for the community to " Create, Collaborate, & Celebrate."

From the moment you walk up to the doors, you know this event space is special. Every nook and room of Exchange 312 is a beautifully curated space.  Even walking into the restroom was a fun experience. 

We had the pleasure of getting to work at a beautiful conference table we created in an exposed brick conference room space. Beautiful natural light fills the room and a unique chandelier was the perfect accent to the 14 ft table we created for this room. The large custom-designed, hand-welded steel and glass sliding doors you have to slide open to enter made our entrance to see the table that much more exciting.  We felt it was the perfect way to reveal the gorgeous old-growth reclaimed wood table we built for them with century-old wood beams that once held up a ceiling and floors in a local Chicago area school. Keeping the wood local from the deconstruction to new furniture in its end home always calls for a round of high fives. 

 Walking through their space last week, I could see how it was built to serve the community well for creating, collaborating and celebrating. Each client experience is different and it seems this space was built with flexibility in mind. Bespoke Design and curated client experience is paramount here....possibly that is why we loved spending the day there so much. From the inviting and fun entry, plush couches, fun accent furniture, and props, to the modern and elegant Art Deco styled bar, Exchange 312 has carefully designed this space to be a highlight of its Wicker Park neighborhood.