Be human and go make change.

As humans we are constantly leaving a mark, our mark, on this planet.  This seems to be a way of communicating with eachother. 

With regard to our physical environment we endeavor to change as much as we can.  In a heavily built environment this can create a lot of waste.  Materials that won’t work with our latest vision must be cleared away.  

When we look back at the colonization and growth of the United States, it included wonderful people all trying to leave their mark.  We can sour about the deforestation and development of once beautiful lands in the name of progress, but that leads nowhere.  Better to seek to understand the intentions of the early pioneer which were pure and not unlike ours today.

However, the landscape has changed, and we continue to feed our insatiable thirst for development.  Uprooting the past and clearing structures rather than forests is the new norm.  This problem can lead to opportunity.

As we continue to connect with contractors, developers and homeowners that understand the value of the past, present and future, we find opportunities to salvage the bones of structures being cleared for progress.   We take the materials and continue to do what we as humans do best, change it!  

Our crew of believers; sort, stack, kiln dry, cut, join, clamp, sand, spray, and assemble some pretty amazing goods from what was once a structure.  No need to continue to pull from the land, we reuse what has already been harvested. 

This process of working with reclaimed lumber is an art-form and we are all artists.  Every batch of lumber has a unique story.  Whether it came from an 1884 school, a 1920 Berwyn bungalow or a barn in Wisconsin; these were all expressions of a time and a place.

  We hope to keep the conversation going for another century by making beautiful quality wood furniture that will last a lifetime and hopefully inspire our future generations to carry the torch or reuse.