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Swilley's All-Natural Wood Conditioner Wax

Swilley's All-Natural Wood Conditioner Wax Swilley's All-Natural Wood Conditioner Wax Swilley's All-Natural Wood Conditioner Wax Swilley's All-Natural Wood Conditioner Wax Swilley's All-Natural Wood Conditioner Wax

Swilley's All-Natural Wood Conditioner Wax


Wood Conditioner and Wax Rub for reclaimed or unsealed wood dining tables, desks, benches, stools, console tables, media stands, and shelves. Use on natural ,unsealed reclaimed wood furniture to enhance the beautiful wood grains and add an element of protection against stains from liquids and food. You will receive a 12 oz jar of this awesome stuff that will make your furniture look rich in color and make those grains pop! This is made of all natural ingredients so your kids and pets are safe. It smells amazing as well! Also works great to recondition worn out leather shoes.

Note: Swilley's may also be applied to items that already have a sealant finish but please read instructions below for this wax buff method which will remove some of the shine from your finish. We always suggest you test first in an inconspicuous spot on the under-side of your furniture before applying to the top.

USING Swilley's All Natural Wood Rub:

Using Swilley's Wax as a Standalone Finish: tips
  1. A super easy, quick go to finish when protection requirements are low. Not much technique to it, no special tools required.
  2. The most "Natural" looking finish you can apply.
  3. Swilley's smells great. Many customers compliment its pleasant smelling aroma
  4. No fumes, little to no clean-up
  5. Wipe it on, wait, buff and done
  6. Better than no finish. Will help a little with controlling wood movement and warping due to changes in humidity. This only works if you finish all sides of the piece (for all types of finishes).
  7. Wax is great to use on woods that benefit from a little darkening to bring out their character.
  8. Great to use on: picture frames, jewelry boxes, kids wooden toys, bed frames, desks, benches, stools, tables with limited contact with water and food, night stands etc...
Things to consider:
  1. Does not provide abrasion resistance
  2. Needs to be periodically reapplied (once a month or so) to keep the finish looking new

You will also get a free 2 oz jar with any furniture purchase in our shop that comes unfinished. It's the most natural wood conditioner and treatment you will ever find on the market and we think its the best! That's why our name is on it!

USING Swilley's All Natural Wood Rub:

To apply, use a clean cloth and dab a small amount of paste out of the jar and onto your wood. You can rub it in any direction that you are comfortable with. As you start to rub the paste in, it will begin to melt. The melted oils will get absorbed by the wood and you will notice the grain becoming more visible and colors, enriched.

Once applied and thoroughly soaked in you should buff off any remaining rub with a clean cloth. Your table is now ready to enjoy.

We include a jar of Swilley's with our unsealed natural wood pieces for a variety of reasons.

  1. It provides an easy natural option for conditioning and protection from stains and food spills on natural wood.
  2. Another reason is if you should you prefer a darker, richer tone to your furniture over the lighter natural look. For a quick tutorial on applying Swilley's to natural, unfinished wood surfaces: Please go online to view this video:
** If you have a sealant on your furniture already, there is no need to use this wax unless you have chosen the finish from our shop called "clear matte sealant and wax buff which has a sealant treatment and a fine grade steel wool (#000) treatment with Swilley's applied as a surface wax. If you chose to have us apply the clear satin sealant to your wood surface already without the wax buff but don't love the slight shine of your furniture and want a more natural appearance you can also try our DIY approach below that is so easy you won't believe it.
  1. take a fine (#000) piece of steel wool and rub in circles with Swilley's on the pad lightly all over the surface.
  2. Buff off with a dry soft cloth. Done!

Please go online to view our simple tutorial on how to apply:

What are the ingredients?
Swilley's All Natural Wood Rub is made with Beeswax, Carnauba wax, Coconut oil, Almond oil, Walnut oil and Orange oil. It is Safe, Non-Toxic, No petroleum and Natural.

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Wipe Dust with slightly damp lint free cloth. Clean food and liquid spills promptly. It is advisable to use coasters, placemats and trivets. Use protective pads under hot dishes. Cover the bottoms of all table legs with felt pads.

Do not use furniture polish or products that contain petroleum, alcohol, ammonia, or silicone.

Wood will expand and contract with seasonal humidity changes. Do not expose wood to extreme changes in humidity. Maintain consistent humidity levels of 40-60 % to minimize movement in the wood and prevent warping. Do not place wood in direct sunlight. Over time, air and sunlight will change the color of natural wood. Occasionally rotate the items placed on your wood furniture to allow a more uniform color to develop.

Our Swilley's Wood conditioner is only intended to be applied over unfinished wood surfaces. Outdoor tables, should be covered when not in use as direct sunlight and other weather can be very damaging.

QUESTIONS: 855-966-3466 (855-WOOD-GOODS)


All furniture made by Urban Wood Goods has a 5 year limited warranty. We will repair or replace (at our option) any faulty product deemed to have been caused by manufacturing defects. Reclaimed, dimensional planks of lumber have inherent inconsistencies, natural defects and irregularities that are part of their unique nature. These are considered to be desired effects. Solid wood adjusts different times of the year to the moisture content of the air. In a sense the wood breathes. Wood will also adjust to the moisture content of your of space and its surroundings. You may notice your slab wood furniture piece move slightly and develop small cracks or dips. This is normal. Slab furniture cannot be compared to other solid wood furniture pieces. This product will have movement during its life and this is just the nature of natural wood slab furniture.