Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table
Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Modern Industry Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table


A rugged but elegant coffee table made of reclaimed wood by skilled woodworkers and set atop an industrial steel pipe leg base. Able to be customized to any size you request. Check out the custom design tool on our home page to choose your own dimensions. Each top is made of salvaged old growth lumber from the Chicago area and beyond, making it a unique conversation piece.

Product Add-ons

  • Locker baskets
  • Large Crate Drawers
  • Small Crate Drawers


  • Dimensions:36" x 20" x 18" tall. 18" is standard height on all coffee tables(see drop down menu for additional L x W dimension choices).
  • Wood Top Thickness: Standard: 1.5" or Thick 2.5"
  • Exclusive Design by Urban Wood Goods
  • Old Growth, Salvaged, Douglas Fir, sustainable solid wood slab plank table top, expertly joined for a flat practical work surface
  • Sturdy industrial gunmetal colored steel pipe legs
  • Wood characteristics: mineral deposits, grain, knots and seasonal splitting may occur with changes in humidity and are inherent in dimensional wood and will not reduce its strength and longevity
  • Select your own size from Menu
  • Simple assembly and tools required (attach legs with electric/cordless screwdriver)
  • Table comes sanded smooth with a natural finish
  • Wood tones vary slightly from light to medium brown
  • 2 oz complimentary jar of Swilley's Wood Conditioner included as an additional finishing option and to darken color if desired
  • Looking for a custom size. Check out our easy to use custom design tool


US: All orders placed that are shipping to the continental 48 US states will be charged according to the tiered flat shipping rates for order total listed below. We do not ship outside of the US or Canada. If you are interested in White Glove delivery service you must call or email us to schedule this and it is typically a $200-400.00 additional charge for this service.Otherwise all shipments will ship via UPS or a freight carrier in a custom built furniture crate.

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Alaska & Hawaii
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Wipe Dust with slightly damp lint free cloth. Clean food and liquid spills promptly. It is advisable to use coasters, placemats and trivets. Use protective pads under hot dishes. Cover the bottoms of all table legs with felt pads.

Do not use furniture polish or products that contain petroleum, alcohol, ammonia, or silicone.

Wood will expand and contract with seasonal humidity changes. Do not expose wood to extreme changes in humidity. Maintain consistent humidity levels of 40-60 % to minimize movement in the wood and prevent warping. Do not place wood in direct sunlight. Over time, air and sunlight will change the color of natural wood. Occasionally rotate the items placed on your wood furniture to allow a more uniform color to develop.

Our Swilley's Wood conditioner is only intended to be applied over unfinished wood surfaces. Outdoor tables, should be covered when not in use as direct sunlight and other weather can be very damaging.

QUESTIONS: 855-966-3466 (855-WOOD-GOODS)


All furniture made by Urban Wood Goods has a 5 year limited warranty. We will repair or replace (at our option) any faulty product deemed to have been caused by manufacturing defects. Reclaimed, dimensional planks of lumber have inherent inconsistencies, natural defects and irregularities that are part of their unique nature. These are considered to be desired effects. Solid wood adjusts different times of the year to the moisture content of the air. In a sense the wood breathes. Wood will also adjust to the moisture content of your of space and its surroundings. You may notice your slab wood furniture piece move slightly and develop small cracks or dips. This is normal. Slab furniture cannot be compared to other solid wood furniture pieces. This product will have movement during its life and this is just the nature of natural wood slab furniture.








Dark Walnut









Dark Walnut


Bourbon, Antique, Dark Walnut, Weathered, Chestnut

All wood stain finish choices shown including antique, dark walnut , gray, mocha, and espresso are water based. Our finishes are eco-friendly, low VOC and very durable for everyday use and easy cleaning. The clear satin sheen topcoat perfectly compliments reclaimed wood.


Nicely sanded and has natural tones. It is un-finished/un-sealed and ready to be stained or finished. We don't highly recommend leaving our pieces un-finished especially dining tables. Unfinished wood will absorb liquids and food stains.

Special Note: With any natural /un-finished product we include a complimentary 2 oz jar of our all-natural Swilley's Beeswax based wood conditioner that you may choose to as a wood conditioner/protectant. It has a nice matte sheen to it with no shine. It will resist liquids, but doesn't offer full protection against them. It will enhance the wood grains, adding a warmer richer tone that looks very similar to the "Oil" sample shown. It's easy to apply and buff off and has a sweet orange smelling odor. This is only to be used on natural unfinished wood.

We offer Swilley's All Natural Wood Rub with unfinished pieces because it is absent of petroleum by products, non-toxic and is made from all natural waxes (beeswax, carnauba wax), nut oils (coconut, almond, walnut oils) and orange oil. We find that it conditions the wood nicely, keeping it looking very natural with a matte finish while enhancing the wood grains and also protecting it. We do not apply this for you to your piece but it only takes approximately 10 minutes to rub this amazing stuff onto the surface and buff.


Our "Oil" finish is warm amber toned urethane. It brings out the reddish tones and enhances the wood grains.

Due to variations in screen displays, finishes shown on our website may not match actual finishes exactly. See physical samples for the most accurate representations. Due to natural color variations in the grain and color of wood, there may be slight variations in color from one piece of furniture to another. Exposure to light and the aging process may also cause darkening of natural wood products. Due to these factors, Urban Wood Goods does not guarantee exact matches from item to item.

Clear & Top Coat

Our top clear coat of choice is a two component post catalyzed urethane topcoat that is ideal for high wear surfaces such as bar and table tops, where ultimate durability is necessary.

Custom Reclaimed Wood Tables, Desks, Benching, Dining tables, Conference Tables, Shelving Units, and More!

At Urban Wood Goods we build each piece of furniture made-to-order with 100 year-old plus, aged reclaimed wood from the Chicago area. Looking for a particular size you don’t see on our site? We offer semi-customization on most of our products.

Email us or call 855-966-3466 to find out more about how we can create the custom furniture that’s perfect for your space. Commercial and residential project inquiries welcomed. Discounts available to the trade.

Click on the “hot spots” below to see ideas for how and what you can customize. Lead time is 4-6 weeks typically.

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