Our specialty is reclaiming urban wood from century-old buildings to handcraft modern furniture customized to your aesthetic and functional needs. We salvage these old-growth timbers primarily from buildings being demolished or deconstructed for adaptive reuse in Illinois—primarily the Chicago metro area—Wisconsin and Iowa.  When available, we offer U LTD Historic Woods in a limited release for custom orders, documented as sourced from buildings of significant historic interest.

Reclaimed, dimensional planks of lumber are desired for their unique character acquired over lifetimes of service in old buildings. Embracing the wood’s inconsistencies, natural markings, dings and small cracks will enrich your experience with our furniture.  

Our furniture is artisan-made. Variations in the wood are to be expected and celebrated. Each item is unique and no two pieces are exactly alike. 

By their nature, salvaged wood planks may be somewhat uneven—slightly shifting, dipping, cupping, bowing or cracking over time—further enhancing their one-of-a-kind character. Cracks may be present or appear over time, but do not reduce the wood’s strength or longevity.

All solid wood is a living material that “breathes,” expanding and contracting with seasonal changes in humidity. Maintain consistent humidity levels of 40–60% to minimize movement and prevent warping.

Among the many choices you have at Urban Wood Goods is deciding how much of the old-wood aesthetic you want to keep versus the practicality of the work surface you need. It’s a personal call, and our experience with these rare woods can help you find the balance that’s right for your home or business. Planing the wood on both sides achieves a smoother, more functional work surface, but less of the wood’s original patina and character remains evident; it’s a popular choice and our standard surface.  If you desire more of the “reclaimed look,” we can lightly hand-sand the wood, leaving it natural and unfinished, or skip-plane it and use our oil finish.  In addition to these planed-surface choices, the beauty of Urban Wood Goods is that every order can be Custom in selection of wood species, stains and finishes, surface treatments, size, bases, power inserts and more. 

All Woods, Including Stained Finish and Topcoat

Dry-dust regularly with a soft, clean cloth; wipe clean with a slightly damp, lint-free cloth. 

Clean food and liquid spills promptly with a solution of soap and warm water; wipe dry with a soft cloth. 

Do NOT use furniture polish or products containing petroleum, alcohol, ammonia or silicone.

To protect natural wood from moisture and heat, use coasters, placemats, trivets and protective pads under hot dishes. Always wipe up moisture with a dry, soft cloth.

Do not place wood in direct sunlight. Over time, air and sunlight will change the color of natural wood. Occasionally rotate any items placed on your wood furniture to allow a more uniform color to develop.

Attach felt pads to table legs or base to protect floors.

Swilley's Wood Conditioner is for unfinished wood surfaces only. Do NOT use on wood that has a stained finish or topcoat.

Urban Wood Goods’ tables are for indoor use only.


All Urban Wood Goods furniture has a 5 year limited warranty. We will repair or replace (at our option) any faulty product deemed to have been caused by manufacturing defects.

Natural and Unfinished Wood

In addition to the care guidelines above for all woods (stain finish or topcoat), we recommend Swilley’s Wood Rub Conditioner to protect natural and unfinished woods and to enhance their grain and color. Do NOT use on wood that has a stained finish or topcoat.

Before using, test a small amount on the furniture underside to ensure you like the effect.

Using a clean, soft cloth, dab a small amount of conditioner onto the wood surface and exposed grain ends of wood planks. Using another cloth, buff to remove excess wax for a smooth finish.

Apply conditioner annually or as needed when wood appears dry.