Woods and Finishes

Create the look you want with a choice of our standard Douglas fir pine, Special Request woods and more than a dozen wood finishes.

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What separates us as reclaimed wood furniture makers is not only a passionate dedication to unique, quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, but a remarkable advocacy for our commercial clients. Successfully acquiring customized reclaimed furniture online demands responsive, detail-oriented customer service. Our team takes each inquiry, order and delivery personally, going above and beyond to listen, inform and collaborate so that expectations are not only met, they are surpassed.

We specialize in custom furniture projects of all sizes, from one unique statement piece to large-scale, custom furniture packages for architecture and design firms, small businesses, universities, offices, restaurants, hospitality, and others seeking commercial furniture. We design and build to suit your needs. From metal powder-coatings that add a pop of color to sourcing limited edition woods with a historical back story, our products can be designed to match any aesthetic. After all, Urban Wood Goods is about connecting with others, be that around a conference table, a dining table or specifying and fulfilling your order.

For projects with a larger scope, we can work together to create fully custom furniture. Our efficient custom product development process consists of top notch customer service, design renders, 3D modeling, and rapid prototyping, ensuring competitive lead times.

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