New Sustainable Hotel

The world is becoming more environmentally friendly and hotels are getting on board. They are aiming to conserve water and energy, they are using more eco-friendly products, they are recycling, cutting down on waste and even offering more organic choices on their room service menus.

But there is one hotel opening in 2022 that will be taking it to the next level…and that’s the 1 Hotel London Mayfair.

1 Hotels - Sustainability and Luxury

1 Hotels, a hotel brand known for its efforts to provide accommodations that are both luxurious and sustainable, has recently announced that it will debut its UK brand flagship, 1 Hotel London Mayfair in 2022. Read on to find out more about what to expect when you visit.

The new hotel will be in line with the 1 Hotel mission; to teach people that they can live a luxury lifestyle in a more sustainable way. It will feature 184 guest rooms, a restaurant that offers a fresh farm to table menu, a fitness and wellness center and a communal bar. The hotel will be part of a 260,000 square foot mixed use complex that will include sustainably designed office and retail space. 

Ethically Inspired Guest Rooms

The guest rooms in the hotel will feature a theme of bringing the outdoors in with locally sourced materials, reclaimed wood and custom finishes. The flooring in the hotel rooms will be crafted using fallen trees from local parks that will incorporate the unique style only nature can provide.

What we love about the hotel is that no two rooms can look the same. Each will have the distinct characteristics the reclaimed wood and other natural elements provide offering a refreshing outlook on the hotel room stay. The products will also have the durability and quality that bring an undeniable sense of luxury throughout.

We Back This Brand

At Urban Wood Goods, we use sustainable methods to bring a similar level of quality, luxury and sustainability into everything we make. All our furnishings are created from reclaimed wood ensuring that every piece has unique characteristics and is durable and long lasting. And our commitment to reducing environmental impact is a passion that comes through in all our designs.

The 1 Hotel London Mayfair will be more than a unique hotel experience; it will be setting the standard for hotels everywhere to strive to adapt more sustainable practices and provide an environmentally friendly luxury experience. We applaud the brand’s efforts and hope this will be a positive step that eventually transforms the hospitality industry. 1 Hotels is a hotel brand we can definitely get behind!