Got a Scratch on Your Wood Surface? Try this Natural and Easy Fix with Walnuts!


We all love the natural beauty of wood furniture, but scratches can quickly detract from its appeal. Fortunately, there's a simple and natural solution that can help minimize the appearance of scratches on your wooden surfaces - walnuts!

Walnuts contain natural oils that can penetrate into the wood and help to mask the scratch, making it less noticeable. Simply select a fresh walnut, remove the nut from the shell, and rub the inside of the walnut meat onto the scratch in a circular motion. Keep rubbing until you're satisfied with the result, and then buff the wood surface with a soft cloth if desired.

While this technique may not work for all types of wood or all types of scratches, it's a natural and affordable solution that's worth a try. And, if you're looking for new wood furniture to add to your home, consider Urban Wood Goods. They offer beautiful and sustainable dining room tables, coffee tables, bookcases, and more - all made from reclaimed wood that's been salvaged from urban environments.

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