Heart pine from Helene Curtis building returns home!

The Helene Curtis Industries, Inc. was an American cosmetics and beauty parlor products[1] firm based in Chicago, Illinois. The company acquired a hair-coloring line through the acquisition of a competitor business. Later the retailer diversified into the field of personal care products, manufacturing Degree, among other items. Source Wikipedia.

When this building was demolished, several companies worked to salvage the incredible heart pine timbers and Chicago brick.  This valuable lumber made its way out of state down south where it was warehoused. 

When the Urban Wood Goods team found out there was a large supply of this material available we jumped on it.  After speaking with one of our Chicago timberjockeys "Bob" we were certain this was a great move.   Bob had recalled, "this was some of the best heart pine decking I'd ever seen."  So there you have it.  

It feels so good to be bring back material that lived in Chicago for a century and now a decade after it was removed and shipped South we are receiving it again.  

At Urban Wood Goods we love situations like this.  We will breath new life into this incredible material and send it on for another journey.