Bring Farmhouse Style into Your Home

If you are a fan of rustic interior design, giving your home a farmhouse look can be a dream come true. And despite what you might think, achieving this look can be very doable, even in the most modern settings.

The farmhouse style dates back to the 1800’s when American settlers first began moving to the Midwest…. think Little House on the Prairie. Since then, farmhouse interior design has taken on a bit of a modern twist, but essentially, not much has changed.

If you are looking to give your home this old timey look, here are some things you can do to bring farmhouse style into your home. 

Start with A Neutral Palette

In the old days, many farmhouses were built with wood and those neutrals were often exposed inside rooms to produce a neutral palette. Today’s homes are made with more modern materials but using neutrals is still a must. Whites, creams, grays and light beiges can be used for walls and furnishings. Splashes of color can be added in with accessories to make your farmhouse look vibrant.

Incorporate Black Accents

Black accents may seem out of place in a rustic setting, but this is a great way to bring the farmhouse look into the modern era. Think of bringing in black by adding metal doors and windows, industrial hardware and light fixtures. Even something as small as a coffee table with black iron legs can do the trick.

Achieve Simplicity

The farmhouse look incorporates the simple country living that was a huge part of farmhouse design. The rooms were uncluttered and with an emphasis on functionality over fashion. The architecture was clean cut with straight lines. Using these elements of simplicity will help bring out the rustic look you are going for.

The Use of Reclaimed Wood

As mentioned earlier, farmhouses of olden times were made of wood. Therefore, bringing in wood furnishings and other elements such as shiplap will be perfect in giving your home the rustic look you are going for. While any kind of wood will work to give your rooms a farmhouse vibe, reclaimed wood is recommended.

Reclaimed wood is not only a sustainable way of furnishing and decorating your home, it also provides a quality and sense of uniqueness that is rarely found in manufactured products. Each piece has specific characteristics that set it apart from any other piece. It is this type of innate customization that takes us back to the days of American settlers, before everything was mass produced.

If you are looking to get that authentic farmhouse look in your home, Urban Wood Goods has several pieces that will help you create the interior design you are going for. Our reclaimed wood furnishings are high quality, durable and come with unique characteristics that ensure no two items are exactly alike. And we believe our passion for reducing environmental impact comes through in everything we create.

We wish you luck achieving the farmhouse look in your rooms! If you are looking for a custom piece to bring this look to life check out our line