At Urban Wood Goods we use antique reclaimed lumber that had a previous history,  to create build-to-order, modern wood furnishings for businesses and homes. Our focus is primarily on creating conference tables, dining tables, desks, and shelving for offices, restaurants, universities, hotels, retail and homes. We do this with a commitment to American manufacturing, customer service, and the environment. We offer highly competitive lead times, and with most orders shipping in under 5 weeks compared to the industry standard for custom furniture which is more typically 8-10 weeks. We offer a variety of services to our commercial clients including custom drawings, stain matching and custom power cut outs.

Erin True founded Urban Wood Goods 8 years ago after being inspired by both the makers’ movement and sustainability practices of reclaiming Old Growth lumber from deconstructed buildings, homes and barns and because she couldn't land a job as an art teacher. Urban Wood Goods is a woman-owned, family-operated, high- quality mid-priced furniture manufacturer recognized for creating beautiful reclaimed wood furniture products that are all made in the USA.

The story of Urban Wood Goods began in early 2010 when Erin saw an opportunity online to market her idea for a hand-crafted line of reclaimed wood furniture through an online marketplace called Etsy. At the time, Erin had recently relocated to the Chicago area from Detroit after spending 8 years there as an elementary Art teacher. When the job market looked bleak, Erin returned back to her creative roots. She used a bench she had made for her home to experiment with the idea of selling furniture on the Etsy platform. Erin’s concept of taking beautiful character filled century old salvaged lumber resonated with the Etsy community and a growing number of architects and designers who began using the site to seek out products by new designers and makers. Even in 2018, Etsy remains a powerful marketing and sales platform for Urban Wood Goods. In 2012, UWG launched the company branded site in 2012 and also began venturing into more commercial work that year.  In 2013, Urban Wood Goods was awarded a recycling grant for woodworking equipment and a lumber kiln that totaled $110,000 through the Illinois Department of Commerce and Opportunity, which proved to be a way for Urban Wood Goods to accelerate growth in production and take their building process to a new level. Currently, Urban Wood Goods’ continues to build brand awareness and  develop sales through various marketplaces and social media platforms online including Wayfair, Etsy, Houzz, & Pinterest and through the company’s branded website,

Urban Wood Goods’ uses a "built-to-order" customized manufacturing concept for efficiency and quality of all product line offerings. Built-to-Order means that Urban Wood Goods manufactures furniture specifically to a customer order, instead of pulling pre-built furniture from a warehouse. This manufacturing style allows flexibility to modify product to suit a customer's needs and provides the company with the ability to ensure quality and timeliness of customer’s orders. Services offered by Urban Wood Goods’ include custom drawings, customizations for tables such as power cut outs for electricity, stain matching & custom configurations and design elements for desks, shelving, conference Tables, dining tables, and seating.

Urban Wood Goods is a Green furniture company focused on sustainability practices. Sustainability is the driving force that guides all aspects of the business including lumber sourcing, design, efficiencies in our manufacturing, and innovation. By supporting reclaiming and reusing, UWG's customers are helping us save the character filled antique wood and take another step towards preventing deforestation. Urban Wood Goods does this to protect and restore our environment, create economic value, and support and strengthen our community by inspiring others.




Our Team
Erin True
President & Founder
Melissa Whitebread
Residential Sales & Customer Experience Manager
Tony DeLio
Commercial Sales & Customer Experience Manager
Claudia Neira
Andrew Gebhardt
Operations Manager
Kyle Fitzgerald
Lumber Logistics & Procurement Specialist
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"hired Urban Wood Goods to create a custom-designed table for an interior design client. They were able to meet, and exceed, our expectations. I highly recommend their work and look forward to using them again for future design projects."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Urban Wood Goods is the most amazing company to work with when it comes to unique pieces for your home...I love their customizability as well as the genuine joy they bring during the transaction...customer for life!!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Fantastic customer service and high-quality products!! Would definitely recommend their custom tables to anyone wanting a unique, solid piece to add to their space!"
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